Jim Plante: An Innovative Mind in the Field of Biotech

The field of biotechnology has been making dramatic leaps forward in recent years, thanks in large part to the contributions of investors and technology leaders such as Jim Plante. Mr. Plante began his professional career at Southern Illinois University, earning a degree in Electrical Engineering before going on to play an integral role in launching new and innovative biotech products.

The Early Years

Mr. Plante’s first step into the field of advanced biotechnology was to aide in the acquisition of the well-known company Beltronics. As the company’s interim president, Mr. Plante was able to facilitate the launch of innovative new product lines that allowed the company to turn around and make it back into the green within just one year. He went on to co-found another company, E-Band Communications, which went on to make historic changes in mobile wireless infrastructure systems and to found the company responsible for the innovative SAAS vehicle safety program.

Mr. Plante’s Life Work

After dipping his toes in the water working with these successful industry giants, Mr. Plante began to work in earnest toward accomplishing his life’s work. As a founder and CEO of Pathway Genomics and chairman of its Board of Directors, Mr. Plante was able to facilitate advances in genetic testing that have had an incredible impact on this important industry.

Mr. Plante became inspired to work in the field of medical biotechnology nearly three decades ago upon discovering that his father was suffering from polycystic kidney disease, a serious hereditary genetic condition. Although his father did not receive this diagnosis until it was too late for a successful kidney transplant, Mr. Plante himself received an early diagnosis thanks in part to genetic testing. This gave him the drive to help ensure that others would have access to affordable testing, offering countless others to take advantage of this advanced technology to provide for their own health and that of their children.

Pathway Genomics now offers the widest range of genetic testing in its industry, allowing the examination of patient genomes to be used to detect inherited genetic risks and offer insight into potential patient responses to commonly prescribed medications. Mr. Plante continues to perform this valuable work within the healthcare industry through a biotech investment firm known as Thynk Capital. Learn more about his innovative work online today.

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